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Welcome to Club Crèche offering sole charge professional childcare sessions from newborn to 5 year olds , Monday to Friday in a beautiful and nurturing environment.
If you would like to use Club Crèche, £45 registration is required per annum.
You are then able to start booking crèche care slots as far ahead as you would like to, with payment requested upon booking to secure the place.

As an OFSTED registered childcare service we are happy to offer extended blocks of solecharge care with a minimum of 2hrs at a charge of £12.50 per hour for pre-booked sessions, paid for on a monthly basis. Ad hoc sessions are £14 per hour. It is also possible to pay using childcare vouchers.

We are registered to accept tax free childcare vouchers and also to offer funded places via the new government scheme

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Club Crèche is run by a Chiltern-trained NNEB,
Melonie Salam:

"As a mother of three I know how valuable a few hours to myself can be.
Using this experience gained over the last 20 years and referencing my work in nurseries and as a nanny plus the extensive training I received at Chiltern private residential college, I have set up Club Crèche.
My aim is to provide the highest standard of childcare that leaves parents and children feeling happy that they have found us.
What I offer is: a whole new concept in childcare, high end, bespoke sessions to suit your needs.
Ideal for freelancers, part time workers and any parent that just needs a few hours child free time!
We are happy to now offer a limited number of full-time places.
Are you heading back to work for the first time, perhaps feeling daunted by large busy nurseries?
Our childcare is tailored to the individual child. We offer a home from home with gentle structure and a big heart.
Your baby will be cared for and loved, feeling secure, content and confident to move onto a bigger school nursery when they are older.

Please email or call for bookings and availability.
No termly childcare fees, only book and pay for what you need."

Melonie Salam NNEB, RSH (Chiltern)

1c Elsenham Street
London SW18 5NU

At the moment we are not running classes during the day as we are very busy with our crèche care children.
We are however open to anyone wanting to discuss running evening or weekend classes and workshops that align with our ethos.
Enquiries via email welcomed.

"Mel + Tracy,

The most outstanding Early Years Teachers in Wandsworth!

You have supported my family and I through soooo much over the years and we are forever grateful!

My children know and adore you both, as do I! We know beautiful souls when we feel them! Tay has had the most spectacular time at Club Creche over the years. You are both truly very special to us all."

Love you always,
Martine, Malachi and Mataya xxx

"Mel, Tracy + all the gorgeous club creche crew,

Thank you for everything these past 8 months. Thank you for all of your help, for everything you have taught our little Rafe, for looking after and caring for him so well, and most importantly, for loving him so beautifully every day. It has been a topsy turvy year for us, but you have been a constant happy place for us all.

We will miss you all, but will keep you updated on Rafe's adventures Down Under."

lots + lots of love,
Rafe, Max + Ryan xxx

"I can’t recommend Club Creche enough as a uniquely loving, personalised, family-feel environment where the team care because they care and not because its their job to. The children are given the space and time to explore, play and grow in confidence in a gentle, warm and relaxed environment.

As a mum of three with ad hoc work commitments, the flexibility of Creche has been indispensable to me domestically and professionally.

It is significant that when my children moved into more formal pre-school settings as they got older, they settled with great confidence thanks to the security they gained from having their first time away from home at Club Creche"

Pippa, Southfields

"I was initially very anxious about having to arrange care for my son. For various reasons, I had to go back to work when he was just three months old and it was very hard. I am, like all parents, very fussy about who takes care of my children, I know Southfields well and the standard of childcare is high in this area. My son is now seven months old and is thriving and has been going to crèche initially for one day per week but now for two days and we will continue this arrangement until he grows out of the crèche.

Melonie and her team were the only childcare provider that I absolutely wanted to place my young son with. They care for and more importantly nurture all children at the crèche and are a great part of our local community. I feel utterly confident leaving my son with anyone that works for Mel. The crèche is advertised as a "beautiful and nurturing environment" and this is a very apt description of the experience and facilities.

Furthermore, because they have such experienced staff and a low turnover of staff, I feel that they absolutely know my son and can spot and anticipate changes in development or even if he's just not quite himself or is simply ill.

They are caring and supportive to parents and the settling in process was smooth and well organised.

I would recommend the creche to anyone and frequently do!"

E. Bassett

"My son has been attending Club Crèche for 3 years since he was 6 months old. He is the most precious and important person to us in our life so his childcare is one of the biggest decisions for us as parents.

It is hard to put into words what Mel and her team are other than incredibly special. The love, care, dedication, commitment and professionisim are very rare. The communication between us as parents and Mel is fantastic. She is switched on to anything that may be going on in his life, she is interested genuinely in his development and future. She genuinely loves the children she cares for, that is clear for all to see.

My son adores the time he spends in Club Crèche and for that reason he will be part of it for many years to come.

Mel has become part of our family we simply wouldn’t work without her love and compassion for my son and our family. She takes a massive interest in his Nursery ensuring she compliments what he is being taught daily.

He has learned so much, Club Crèche really is unique."

M. Ivanovitch

"We highly recommend Melonie Salam and her Club Crèche. Our daughter attended her crèche from age 6 month to 4yo. We could not be any happier with how Mel nurtures our daughter. Mel is highly professional and provides her with loving guidance and care. Her creche is safe, ample, and full of fun things for children. my daughter and the other children are also taken by Mel to enjoy the parks when sunny. All in all, Mel’s Club Crèche is a fantastic place for babies, toddlers, and children and has given all of us happy memories.

Mel took a big part in our daughter's development, playing play roles, developing imagination and her intuition, finding her own solutions, and overall self confidence. She always came back from Mel relaxed and cheerful.
When we first started at Mel's when she was 6 months old, our daughter was used to falling asleep while breastfeeding so we are so grateful that Mel had the patience to rock and sing to her to put her to sleep. We love also how our daughter was able to participate in her own time in different classes like ballet or yoga during the week."

B. Cowie

"Our son started at Club Crèche in November 2018 when he was 15 months old. The ad hoc nature of the Crèche was the main appeal to us in the beginning and our son attended up to 3 mornings a week, sometime for a whole day if we needed him to.

Mel and her team have just been incredible. Our son loves his ‘Aunty Mel’ and talks about her all the time even when not there. He has become extremely social and I have no doubt that attending Club Crèche has helped encourage that side of his personality.

When I ask him what he has done, he always tells me stories of running, jumping, playing, doing ballet and having fun with all his friends. He has made some firm friends with some of the other children who have attended and the mix of ages has really helped him develop skills which I think he may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

As a mother I have felt completely confident in Mel and her team and have only been 100% happy with the service which they have provided. He eats, plays, naps and enjoys himself completely. I would highly recommend Club Crèche (and have done) to anyone who is looking for childcare in our area."

K. Davies

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed we are with Club Crèche. Our son has thrived with you, for him it is simply home from home with more fun thrown in! To him you are auntie Mel.

His vocabulary gets better every single visit, his social skills too. There is a fine line between structured and free play and you have perfected this. Your selection of open ended natural toys lends itself to such wonderful exploration and use of his imagination (I have nabbed plenty of your ideas for home), we couldn’t be happier!

I can’t thank you enough for providing such a wonderful environment for our son, one where I’m not consistently worrying about him or his well being."

N. Attard

"On returning to work I was keen to find childcare that would suit my daughter’s and our family's needs. Primarily, I wanted a nurturing environment as our daughter isn’t used to spending time away from me. I wanted an individualised approach that would work to the needs of the child. I work in the NHS and privately so I was also keen that there could be an element of flexibility.

I viewed a number of nurseries but felt uneasy about leaving my daughter there. It didn’t feel as though the approaches were personalised and often the staff who worked there often looked bored and weren’t always particularly responsive to the crying babies.

I found Club Crèche after asking for advice on a Mum’s group. Mel was recommended and I contacted her to discuss. It sounded ideal - a small, bespoke approach that offers fixed slots and flexibility. I was invited to pop in and meet with Mel. I had a really good feeling when I visited Club Crèche- the kids were building a den with different toys and sheets. I was very impressed with Mel’s warm and individualised approach. She is very psychologically minded and reflective and able to respond to children’s needs in a way that suits them- not a one size fits all approach. I’m a Child Psychologist so this fit well with my view of childcare. She uses a gentle approach with age appropriate boundaries, and lots of singing to keep the atmosphere positive!

In line with this, Mel was happy to be flexible around the settling in process and allowed our daughter to take her time. She is keen to support settles by finding out key information about Alba and is happy to keep her close to her when she is upset, recognising the importance of attachment. Mel runs a drop in ‘Music Box’ class followed by ‘stay and play’, which we attended for several weeks before leaving our daughter at creche, which also supported her settling in.

I would, and have, recommended Mel and Club Crèche to a number of friends. I am very pleased to have found her and hope to continue using Club Creche whilst our daughter is happy there and it fits with our needs!"

A. Wood-Mitchell

"We are so very sad that our son has come to the end of his regular time with you at Club Crèche. When I first left him with you at 7 months as I returned to work I never imagined that we would build such an amazing relationship with you.

He absolutely loves his Auntie Mel and all his crèche family. He loves the den building, ballet, music box, and general fun and games. I love your ethos of loving and nurturing and all of the cuddles. I admire your calm approach and kind discipline.

I can never explain to you how hard it is to find flexible childcare around my crazy NHS rota. You have made me continuing my career with two little ones a possibility.

It’s now time for me to return to work again after being off with our little daughter. She can’t wait to start visiting Club Crèche like her brother has. He is excited to start nursery but will miss you all so much. I really feel his time with you has prepared him well for his time in nursery and school.

As both a Paediatrician and a Mam I can’t recommend you highly enough."

N. Williams




Terms and Conditions for regular monthly careblocks:

As previously stated we do not have termly fees. However, regular slots are secured by payment in full before the previous month's end (the last Monday of the final week).

This still offers more flexibility than other nurseries but does mean that in order to have a guaranteed place fees must be paid monthly, in which you are committed to a monthly agreement.

Missed days due to illness or a change in requirements during the month will still be payable in full.

All policies are freely available to view
at our premises.

Please note a month’s notice will be required when you no longer need your place.

Melonie Salam, Club Crèche Ltd


1c Elsenham Street, Southfields, London SW18 5NU
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